Pest Control MSDS| Safety Data sheets for pesticides in Kenya.

Safety Data Sheets for Pesticides in Kenya. Material Safety Datasheet contains important information that should help you in any chances you misused a pesticide or insecticide. Get your time and peruse these materials and learn about the safety of any of your related pesticides, termiticide, and insecticides. 

With such information made available in mind, you are promised the safety of your family and environment.

pest control in kayole nairobi kenya, Safety Data Sheets for Pesticides in KenyaHighlighted below is a list of Pest Control Material Safety Datasheets.

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Best Insecticides You Can Use to Control Mosquitoes.

  1. Fendona 60Sc.
  2. Icon 10 Cs.
  3. Icon 10 WP.
  4. Nexal 100 Sc
  5. Mos n Roach.
  6. Navigator.
  7. Promax.
  8. Actellic 50 Ec
  9. Actellic 25 EC.

The Best Cockroach Control insecticides.

cockroach control insecticideThere are a number of Pesticides for Cockroach Control in Nairobi Kenya. For example,

  1. Mos n Roach insecticide.
  2. Navigator,
  3. Bedlam 200sl,
  4. Duduthrin,
  5. Mos n Roach,
  6. Actellic,
  7. Lava,
  8. Nexal, and
  9. Green leaf.
  10. Kungu Nil 200 SL
  11. Promax 20EC.

On the Other hand, we have cockroach control gels.

Best Cockroach control Gels.

  1. Goliath Cockroach gel,
  2. Advion Cockroach Gel,
  3. Bipronex Cockroach Gel,
  4. Medex Cockroach Gel.
  5. Imidex Cockroach Gel.

Flea and Tick Populations Continue rising.

bed bugs control servicesPlenty of pests pose health risks to humans, but there are also those that can be harmful to the four-legged family members as well. We warn that summer is prime season for ticks and fleas, which pose serious health risks to pets.

And remember that Dogs are very susceptible to tick bites and tickborne diseases so it is important that pet owners take precautionary steps to prevent flea and tick infestations.

“Fleas and ticks are especially problematic in the warmer months and experts are actually predicting a banner year for tick infestations. Time spent playing outside with pets or walking in the woods or in tall grassy can put pets at risk for picking up these pests,”  “It’s important to carefully check pets frequently throughout the season.”

Precautions to prevent infestations.

  1. Keep outdoor play areas and lawns groomed and clear of brush, grass clippings, woodpiles, and leaf debris.  These are ideal havens for rodents such as mice and rats which are renowned carriers of fleas and ticks.
  2. Bathe and groom pets often and visit a veterinarian for professional flea and tick treatments.  Also, inspect them daily, especially the front shoulders, back, and ears.  Fleas are notorious hitchhikers and with the ability to jump more than 200 times their body length, it is extremely easy for them to catch a ride on a pet and into a home.
  3. Vacuum frequently.  This will help remove fleas and prevent the laying of eggs.  It’s important to remember that fleas are not only fantastic hitchhikers but also professional escape artists. “After vacuuming, immediately dispose of the bag,”
  4. When outside, in areas where ticks are common, it’s important to dress properly.  Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants and if possible, wear clothing light in color so ticks are easier to detect. Also, use a tick repellant containing DEET or Permethrin and when returning indoors, inspect clothing and skin and pets for ticks, especially the head and behind the ears.
  5. If a flea or tick infestation is suspected, a pest professional should be contacted immediately to eradicate the problem, We prefer calling guaranteed pest control exterminators like PEST FLASH.

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