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Something to Know About Bats.

  • Bats are the only flying mammals. In fact, have wings that look like a modified human hand. The skin membrane between their fingers has been extended and is very flexible.
  • Guano (bat droppings) have high potassium nitrate and phosphorous, commonly used in fertilizer making. It can also help in making gunpowder and explosives.
  • Unlike what many people think, bats are not blind; Some bat species even have better eyesight than human beings. Some may, however, not see very clearly, and that is why they use echolocation.

Do you know Bats have dangers associated with them? for instance, when handled, they may bite. The saliva of a bat may carry rabies virus that is transmittable to you. Ensure to capture that bat for a rabies test in cases of a bite. And so, you may be at the risk of contracting rabies if your open wound or scratches come into contact with bats brain tissue or saliva (non-bite).
Resultantly, they can cause severe respiratory health problems for human beings and pets. This results from inhaling histoplasmosis spores that grow from their droppings.
Remember they also spread parasites as well as lice and mites.
It’s always ideal to call pest control professionals for bats control. We use the best pesticides like Navigator, BedLam, Duduthrin, and Nexal pesticides to leave you pest free.

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