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Tag: Bed Bug

Bed Bug

Bed Bug Facts You Ought to Know.

  • They Neither Jump nor Fly.

Bed bugs lack wings, therefore do not fly or jump. Instead, they have narrow bodies and a flat body shape that allows them to fit in very tiny cracks and small crevices, seams, and folds of luggage, and bags so you will never spot them.

  • Bugs Can Live for Many Months Without Feeding.

These pesky pests can survive for a very long time without sucking a victim’s blood. During this period, they digest the meals they had already taken, mate, and lay thousands of eggs.

  • They Live On Human Blood.

Bed bugs can survive solely on a host’s blood. They may not pose very serious health risks when they bite but bed bug bites can be very itchy, and irritating, and they leave ugly marks on your arms, legs, and chest.

  • They are Stowaways.

Bed bugs are elusive squatters with tiny bodies and a victim will hardly notice them once they lurk in your travel bag seams or mattress folding. They are skilled at the game of hiding and will hide during the day only to come out in the night to suck on your blood once you are fast asleep.

  • They are lured by carbon dioxide.

Bugs strongly get tempted to leave their spots by carbon dioxide exhaled and the heat emitted by the body at night.

Navigator, BedLam, Duduthrin, and Nexal pesticides can help you rid bed bugs.

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