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Aluminum Phosphide (Phostoxin)


Aluminum Phosphide (Phostoxin)



Aluminum Phosphide (Phostoxin) can be used for the control of pests in grains such as rice, wheat, barley, maize, oats, sorghum, millet,


Aluminum Phosphide (Phostoxin)

Aluminum phosphide (Phostoxin) is a highly toxic inorganic compound with the chemical formula AlP, used as a wide band gap semiconductor and a fumigant. This colorless solid is generally sold as a grey-green-yellow powder due to the presence of impurities arising from hydrolysis and oxidation.

AlP is used as a rodenticideinsecticide, and fumigant for stored cereal grains. It is used to kill small verminous mammals such as moles and rodents. The tablets or pellets, known as “wheat pills”, typically also contain other chemicals that evolve ammonia which helps to reduce the potential for spontaneous ignition or explosion of the phosphine gas.

Formulations based on Aluminum phosphide (AlP) are the most used products for the control of pests in storage spaces, as well as rodents and other outdoor vertebrates.

Aluminum phosphide (Phostoxin) is created by the fusion of aluminum and red or yellow phosphorus. When in contact with ambient air and humidity, the very efficient phosphine gas is developed and released.

Aluminum Phosphide Formulation

Aluminum Phosphide (Phostoxin) tablest, Aluminum Phosphide usesPellets

Pellets contain 56-57% aluminum phosphide as an active substance and 43-44% inert components, mainly ammonium carbamate amongst others, that facilitate controlled outgassing of phosphine.

One pellet has a weight of 0.6 g and releases 0.2 g of phosphine gas.

 Round Tablets

Round Tablets contain 56-57% aluminum phosphide as an active substance and 43-44% inert components, mainly ammonium carbamate amongst others, that facilitate controlled outgassing of phosphine.

One round tablet has a weight of 3 g and releases 1 g phosphine gas.

Pellets and Round Tablets

Aluminum Phosphide (Phostoxin)The outgassing of the pellets and round tablets begins after a short delay once the fumigant comes into contact with the product or ambient moisture. The outgassing rate depends on temperature and humidity levels.

The smaller dimensions of the pellets lead to somehow more rapid outgassing compared to tablets.

All developmental stages of stored product pests, as well as outdoor rodents’ use, can be controlled with phosphine.

The highly potent gas penetrates the commodities, as well as the ones which are densely packed and nearly all packaging materials.

Since phosphine reacts with noble metals such as silver, gold, copper, and their compounds, these substances must be provided with sufficient protection during fumigation. Get your Aluminium Phosphide Tables Quote, Get Quote

Fields of application:

The use of pellets and round tablets is not restricted to certain storage types as long as the storage unit can be made appropriately gas-tight. They are used in silos, on ships, in warehouses, containers, etc., and can be placed in the commodity to be treated manually or by using the Detia Degesch Automatic Dispenser.

Aluminium Phosphide Tablets Summary

Aluminum Phosphide is a powerfully efficient fumigant, rodenticide as well as insecticide. It is applied to control rodents and storage pests both indoors and outdoors. Fumigating a storage silo using Aluminum phosphide before storing foods helps in the protection of the stored grains. It is a widely recognized insect/pest treatment thanks to its almost-perfect attributes of being lethal to all insect types, highly effective, tampers not with food quality, and not depositing harmful chemicals on stored foods.

Benefits of Using Aluminum Phosphide for Pest Control

  • It has various uses as a rodenticide, fumigant, and insecticide for effective outdoor and indoor pest control.
  • It has proven very effective in the control of common storage pests.
  • It kills rodents such as rats, moles, and mice fast.
  • It is used as a fumigant in structures like grain silos and aircraft.

Note that: Aluminum Phosphide must be handled with great care as it is lethal to pests and humans. We insist that all contact of the product with moisture must be avoided for safety reasons.


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