Bamako 700WG is a highly concentrated water-dispersible granule systemic insecticide for the control of sucking insects in crops.

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BAMAKO 700WG is the most effective systemic insecticide for the control of sucking insects in ornamentals, vegetables, and tobacco.

As a matter of fact, this insecticide is a highly concentrated water-dispersible granule systemic insecticide for the control of sucking insects in crops.

Product Information: bamako insect killer

BAMAKO 700WG, Bamako Pesticide, Bamako pesticide priceLet us take a look at this pesticide. Firstly, What is it used for? It’s used to effectively control and eliminate all plant-sucking insects.

Yes, like whiteflies, aphids, and garden termites. Additionally, understand that Bamako 700WG is simple to apply and measure. This results due to its profoundly concentrated water-dispersible granule formula. And It offers a stress tolerance boosting effect that results in increased crop yield.

So, With its excellent formulation, it gives almost dust-free particles with a unique flow, quick wettability, with uniform distribution.

BAMAKO 700WG Active Ingredient


Imidacloprid Mode of Action.

Since Imidacloprid is the active ingredient in Bamako 700WG, It works through contact and ingestion processes. It is potent against larval stages of pests, and it disrupts an adult pests’ central nervous system.

Consequently, it causes blockage of the nicotinic neuronal pathway, thus preventing acetylcholine from transmitting impulses between nerves, leading to pest paralysis and its eventual death.

Target Pests

Bamako 700WG is very potent when used in the elimination of sucking pests in vegetables, and ornamental. Very effective against:

  • Aphids
  • White-flies
  • Scales
  • Turf
  • Leaf miners
  • Beetles
  • Bedbugs

bamako insecticide Rate of Application

Mix 1gram of Bamako with a liter of pure water; pour the water halfway into the spraying tank. Put a measured amount of Bamako into the tank with a vigorous stirring system in operation and add more water to the measured level.

lastly, Perhaps you are asking Why You Should Choose Bamako 700WG.

Benefits of Using Bamako Pesticide.

  • First, it controls a wide variety of sucking insects and pests upon application
  • Second, it is not restricted to a single method of administration; it Applicable through drench, foliar, or drip
  • Bamako possesses a strong boosting effect on crop growth that improves:

i. Their greening effect.

ii. Crop performance, thus increasing yields.

iii. Root depth through vigorous plant growth.

  • It boosts crops for improved health, better yields, and increased quality

Confidor Wg 15g is an alternative for this bamako insecticide for bedbugs. You could also use Navigator 100Sc to control common pests.


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