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Tag: Cockroaches


Are you looking for cockroach control? You might have tried exterminating roaches but they keep on coming back or they seem not to go away! In order to eliminate cockroaches, you have to understand the biological behavior of cockroaches.

Cockroaches are primitive and have 3 stages in their life, that is Egg, Nymph, and Adult. A female roach deposits its eggs in a capsule. Some species like the German cockroach carry the cuticle around for several weeks.

Do you keep trying? But Infestation is still evident?

Yes, Probably you have tried the chemical method. And maybe many different pesticides like Navigator, BedLam, Duduthrin, and Nexal pesticide but why do they keep on showing up? Here are some reasons.

  • Wrong application
  • The wrong type of chemical.
  • Cockroaches are resistant to the method you are using.
  • You are not a professional!

Therefore, Contacting a licensed and knowledgeable pest control company in Nairobi guarantees you the protection and good health of your loved ones.

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