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green leaf cockroach killing Bait


green leaf cockroach killing Bait



Green Leaf Cockroach Killing Bait is environmentally safe and highly efficient in exterminating all cockroach types together with all their eggs.


green leaf cockroach killing Bait.

green leaf cockroach-killing bait is suitable for cockroaches. You can easily control all types of cockroaches in the most effective way using Green Leaf Killing Bait.  Unlike other pesticides, Killing Bait has an attractive smell and is especially unique as it does not kill roaches immediately upon contact. It gives it enough time to carry the bait to its hiding place where it infects other roaches and their eggs consequently killing the whole colony.s

Active Ingredient in green leaf insecticide.

Fipronil 0.005%

Fipronil 0.005% Mode of Action.

When used correctly, fipronil effectively disrupts the central nervous system of an insect resulting in hypertension of the infected insect’s muscles and nerves and finally death. This insect poison is harmless to human beings but should always be kept out of children’s reach.

green leaf cockroach killing Bait| Target Pests 

Green Leaf Cockroach Killer is environmentally safe and highly efficient in exterminating all cockroach types together with all their eggs.

green leaf insecticide Rate of Application| green leaf cockroach killing bait how to use 

Apply the powder efficiently depending on how badly the area is infested by cockroaches. The more powder you apply the better the exterminating results.  Ensure you generously apply areas where cockroaches frequent such as:

  • Dark corners
  • Moist places
  • Behind refrigerators
  • Around the sink area
  • Near stoves

A single 5g sachet can treat a maximum of 4 infested spots. To maintain efficiency, use any opened sachet within 24 hours.  Observe the treated areas and if need be, re-apply the powder in a week for better results.

green leaf cockroach killing Bait, green leaf insecticide

Why green leaf cockroach killer?

Green Leaf Cockroach Killing Bait is very popular because;

  • It is a hygienic environmentally safe bait
  • Ideal for indoors since it does not have strong/irritating odors
  • You do not have to vacate a room  to treat
  • A small amount can effectively kill a whole colony
  • It is very affordable and ready/simple to use

Alternatives to green leaf cockroach killing bait powder.

Alternatives to green leaf insecticide Baits are Goliath Gel, Bipronex Cockroach Gel, and Fendona 60 sc insecticide among others. Other Providers of pesticides like Navigator 100 SC could help you resolve your pest problems. Check out Pest Control Tips.


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