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Fendona 60SC price in kenya.


Fendona 60SC price in kenya.



Fendona 60SC price in kenya.Fendona 60 SC

Fendona 60SC Works fast and continues to kill quickly for months, providing effective, flexible pest control.


  • Effective at low concentrations on all surfaces
  • Long-term effect, plus 12 weeks of residual action
  • Low toxicity to humans and warm-blooded mammals
  • Odorless (water-based product)
  • It does not stain and does not cause corrosion
  • Easy dosing and easy to prepare


Fendona 60SC.

Fendona 60SC. Fendona is a Fast-acting Pyrethroid Insecticide that Quickly and Effectively Eliminates Pests like Bed Bugs, Mosquitoes & Cockroaches. Do your own pest control using Fendona 60SC.

Fendona 60SC price in kenya.Probably you are asking why you should use this pesticide. Lest me share to you a brief information as to why.

First, this is best Insecticide for the control of mosquitoes, cockroaches, and houseflies.

Secondly, it has low toxicity to humans.

Thirdly, and the greatest advantage, it has long-lasting residual effects.

Lastly, you will find it worth the value for your money.

Fendona 60 SC

Works fast and continues to kill quickly for months, providing effective, flexible pest control. You could also probably be looking for best termiticide for control of termites. Termidor 96SC will sound the right option for you.

Just to summarize up things, You can use Fendona 60SC to do your own pest control in and around you. Sometimes if things sound tough, You may reach out our Technical Specialists or request for a Quote.

Controling Flying and Crawling Insects sometimes may sound too tough. Especially for Bed Bugs, Remember killing Bugs at a one go is too tricky. The eggs are tough to eliminate once, But with us, Its simple. If you’re looking for What pesticide kills bed bugs and their eggs, We have it for you.


its wise to do DIY using the right chemical and insecticides if really you know How, Where and When to apply it. Remember Pesticides are poisonous to our health, Keep them out of children access all time. With Our pesticides in our catalog, you can rest assured you are in the right place for the right pesticides.

Though, you may also find other providers of reliable Pest control Services and Products. Just to mention a few like, Pest Control Services, Rentokil, Rafiki Pest Control, among others.

Fendona 60SC, Fendona 60SC price in Kenya. Buy Fendona 60SC in Kenya at an affordable price. 250ml Ksh 2,200 1L Ksh6,500. 0719405401


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