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RodiRid Mice and Rodent Baits in Kenya 10kg


RodiRid Mice and Rodent Baits in Kenya 10kg



Description: Rodenticide to control rats in public places.

Mode of Action: Rodirid is a vitamin K antagonist and therefore leads to loss of blood and internal hemorrhages leading to death.

Directions for Use: In urban areas: Rodirid baits are placed in or close to the nesting holes, in the comer of walls and along the tracks that the rodents travel or even in feeding areas. As far as possible, baits should be placed in cardboard dishes or bait stations in amounts of 30 to 45 grams for rats and 15 grams for mice. Baits should be replenished regularly as and when it is consumed.



RodiRid Mice and Rodent Baits in Kenya.

RodiRid Mice and Rodent Baits in Kenya. It has been a trouble for a long, you have been troubled by rats, and now it’s time to rest them in peace. RodiRid is an alternative Rat bait to Tom cats. Its effective as tom cat.

RodiRid Mice and Rodent Baits in KenyaFirst, understand that it’s wise to have alternatives in life. Tom Cats could sound like your next choice other than RodiRid. Even so, Our Rodirid Mice and Rodent Baits in Kenya. Buy this trusted rats and mice control product and get rid of all rats in your environment.

RodiRid Mice and Rodent Baits in Kenya is packed in 10kgs containing 1000 pieces inside. this can really save you money. so why wait, get RodiRid Mice and Rodent Baits in Kenya now. call 0719405401 or email us and we will get back to you asap. Are you worried about Mosquitoes? Have you tried Mos and Roach insecticide?

Living in Rural Areas?

If it happens that you are n rural areas, a pleasure to help you out. You’re probably asking where, how, and when to use these Rat Baits. Let’s begin.

First, understand that Rodirid Baits are
placed either in rodent burrows or using a network of baiting stations such as hollow containers, tubes or bites, or bamboo poles. Treating as large an area as possible in a single application at a dose of 3-4 kg of bait per hectare should be sufficient.

Second, for effective performances, Ensure you Check the station’s regularly and replenish them as necessary.

Lastly, you’re worrying about what happens if the Rats die in the roof areas or underneath your bed. We know it’s a question in your mind, But the Good news for you is. Know that the Bodies are often mummified, therefore is no odor.

Hazards: Handle with care. store under lock and key store away from food and feedstuffs. Keep out of reach of children and animals. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this label to the doctor. You may check out other Rat Baits on this Catalog Shop


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