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Rodenticide Rat Poison Storm Tom Cat


Rodenticide Rat Poison Storm Tom Cat



Get this Guaranteed and Order fewer Rats And Mice Control Chemical at the affordable Price of Ksh2400 8KG  ONLY!!  150 Ksh per single Piece!

Best Offers of Storm Rodenticide.

  • 3Kgs Ksh 8,000
  • 8Kgs Ksh 24,000


Rodenticide Rat Poison Storm Tom Cat Rodenticide Rat Poison Storm

Rodenticide Rat Poison Storm Tom Cat 8KG

Rodenticide Rat Poison Storm Tom Cat is your choice. Storm rat Block Bait is a highly concentrated and powerful ready-to-use rat and mouse bait that contains flocoumafen.

As a result, Storm Bait has been designed to be used in an agricultural environment, especially in sheds and farm outhouses.

The bait’s concentrated formula means less bait is used to deal with the infestation. Storm Secure Bait The bait also features a hole through the middle of each block to allow them to be secured at each bait station.

Active Ingredient:

Flocoumafen is the Active Ingredient of Rodenticide Rat Poison Storm Tom Cat

Form: Wax Blocks

Controls: Rats, mice

Applications: Indoor use only

How Does Storm Secure BaitWork?

Storm Secure Bait has been specially formulated to be used in an agricultural environment and to prevent bait shyness by vermin. The active ingredient is flocoumafen which is a highly concentrated anticoagulant.

So, Flocoumafen takes 3-4 days to kill a rodent after consumption, this prevents rats and mice from becoming aware that they are being poisoned and prevents bait shyness.

Remember, The flocoumafen is mixed with high-quality food-grade flour, wheat, cereals, and proteins and is held together with low amounts of edible wax. This combination of culinary-grade food products, low amounts of wax, and the power of flocoumafen ensure that a lethal dose is administered every time.

TomCat Blocks Storm Rat Baits,Benefits of Storm Secure Bait

  • Designed for agricultural use
  • Suitable for both rats and mice
  • Palatable for rodents
  • Prevents bait shyness
  • Suitable for inside,  sheds, and outhouses
  • Hole in the middle of each block

In conclusion, if you’re looking for Rat Poison or the best Rodenticide to do Rats ControlStorm Blocks or Rodirid Blocks are your solutions.

To widen up, Remember also Tom Cat blocks have shown good results over a couple of years now. Do your consideration too to such a rodenticide!

Now, for those who have been worried about common pests like Ants and Cockroaches, Actellic 25EC pesticide solves the problem for you.


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