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TERMIDOR 96SC 1L Termite Control Chemical in Kenya


TERMIDOR 96SC 1L Termite Control Chemical in Kenya



Termidor 96SC. Termidor SC (the SC stands for Suspended Concentrate) is an excellent professional termite control product for killing TERMITES.

Termite Control Chemical in Kenya. Get TERMIDOR 96 SC and Say goodbye to Termites. Provide continuous termite protection for up to 10 years.


TERMIDOR 96SC 1L Termite Control Chemical in Kenya

Worried of termites? Looking for Termite Control Chemical in Kenya

Termite Control Chemical in Kenya. Termidor is an excellent termiticide for killing termites and protecting your home fully from Termites and Ants.

Firstly, if you have any Termite infestation or you’re looking for Termite Control Chemical in Kenya. Get Termidor 96SC For your pest control needs. it’s effective in the eradication of termites to a large extent in premises and homes. Fibrinol mechanism of action is through contact thus making it have a high residual effect and a lasting effect. Its recommended for outdoor use only.

Termite control chemical in kenya termidor 96 scAdditionally, know that SC in Termidor 96SC stands for Suspended Concentrate. This is the perfect and most effective insecticide for termite control and elimination. Make a quotation request.

Secondly, Know that Termidor Protects your homes and business premises from any termite trouble and future re-infestation. It is non-repellent and therefore does not drive away termites. Instead, once the termites have eaten the treated material, the chemical is ingested causing its death. Consequently, the termites carry the chemical and spread it to others in their colony through contact resulting in their death. When applied as instructed, it provides continuous termite protection of up to 10 years.

Active Ingredient

Fipronil 96g/l

Fipronil Mode of Action

As a result, Fipronil disarrays the normal functioning of an insects’ central nervous system. It is very toxic to insects as it binds its nerve endings and prevents chloride ion uptake. Consequently, it causes excess neuronal stimulation and finally results in its death.

Target Pests.

Termidor 96SC is strongly effective against a range of subterranean termites. Ensure to block all waterways to avoid contamination and pick a day that is very unlikely to pour in order to prevent it from seeping away. It primarily targets:

Rate of Application

For maximum control and elimination of termites, apply Termidor 96SC as guided in the ‘Directions for Use’ label. Its usage depends on the lineal feet surrounding the house whereby a 10oz(0.38kg) Termidor bottle treats 30 lineal feet.


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