Icon 10 wp insecticide in Kenya


Icon 10 wp insecticide in Kenya.


Icon 10 wp insecticide in Kenya has been designed for use in indoor residual spraying and provides greater than 9 months of control of mosquitoes and other public health pests.

Active Ingredient: Lambda-cyhalothrin

Get ICON 10CS for indoor use against mosquitoes, flies, fleas, and spiders. Suitable for indoor use, its residual effect is close to 12 months.

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Icon 10 wp insecticide in Kenya.

Icon 10 wp insecticide in Kenya, the Best Mosquitoe insecticide. Could you be worried about Mosquitoes, Fleas, Cockroaches, and other public health pests? Icon 10 wp insecticide in Kenya has the highest residual guarantee for up to 9 months.

Don’t wait till you have sleepless nights anymore. Get Icon 10 wp insecticide at a pocket-friendly price as low as Ksh 1,000. Call us on 0719405401.

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  • It has a long-term residual effect that lasts up to 12 months
  • A single application is enough for one year and it stays effective even during rainy seasons
  • Saves you the trouble of measuring as it comes in accurately patented unit dose sachets.
  • Has been recommended by the World Health Organization [WHO]
  • It has proven effective and efficient for Malaria control programs.
  • Recommended for household usage as it is odorless and leaves no stains behind.
  • It has a long-term residue effect of close to 12 months

Icon 10CS, Icon 10 wp insecticide in Kenya

Just to keep you aware, Do you know you can kill mosquitos instantly with Icon 10CS? Remember it’s an insecticide that has been specially made for indoor usage with active reliable and guaranteed results. Has long-lasting residual control for close to 12 months.

Mostly, if you live in marshy or bushy environments, it’s definite that you will often require to do Mosquito control. Mosquitoes are dangerous and pose risks of Malaria to our health. If you have small kids around you, remember their health is too important than anything else. You should not leave them infected.

Mosquito bites are common, especially in places where there is poor water drainage. Clear bushes, and Clean your drainage if you’re in such areas. Pests infestations are a common problem that we can only control. Remember there are a number of factors that constitute pest infestations.

So, What Causes that?

And just to mention a few like, Climate changes, that’s Seasonal Changes. Our surroundings, Our daily tasks, that’s how we carry out our living. For example, Leaving behind unsealed holes. This could lead to breeding places for mosquitoes.

To sum up, It’s wise if started the control ourselves. Monitor what we do, and Safe the environment and its inhabitants.

In conclusion, it could be that you’re not infested by mosquitoes, But other pests like Termites, Bees, and Cockroaches. It’s good to share with you an alternative pesticide to control Termites. That is Termidor or Gladiator and Termite control insecticide in Kenya.


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