Icon 10CS Insecticide


Icon 10CS Insecticide

Icon 10CS Insecticide is a Long-Lasting Mosquito Residual Insecticide. Icon 10 CS offers a long residual effect to the place applied. So, this means you can stay for a long being Mosquito free.

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Icon 10CS Insecticide.

Icon 10 CS Insecticide is a well-known insecticide for mosquitoes. Its Long Lasting Mosquito Residual effect has given it more demand. So, what this means is that. Using Icon 10 CS, guarantees you stay for a long period without mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are not a joke when it comes to spreading Malaria. Let’s not be victims. By the way, if you took the time to ask those living in bushy and marshy areas, you would be worried. Oh Yes, they spend doing mosquito control most time.

Bushes and Poorly drained water drainages are common breeding places for mosquitoes. If you happen to be near or residing in such areas, Please do Clean. You will have helped in the Process.

And Here is a Light Description of Icon 10cs.

Icon 10CS Insecticide, Icon 10CS Long Lasting Mosquito Residual Insecticide onlineIcon 10CS insecticide has been designed for use in indoor residual spraying. As a result, provides greater than 9 months of effectiveness when done to control mosquitoes and other public health pests.

So if you have been wondering how to solve your mosquito problem, Icon 10CS is the best solution for you now.

Call us on 0719405401 to Get ICON 10CS for use against mosquitoes, flies, fleas, and spiders.

To be honest, it’s so Suitable for indoor use, its residual effect is close to 12 months. So, why not use Icon 10CS and eradicate mosquitos instantly?

Before we conclude, understand that Icon 10CS has technically an advanced capsule suspension [CS] formulation of the second generation pyrethroid, Lamdba-cyhalothrin.

Yes, it has a toxic effect on the control and elimination of many insects such as mosquitos, flies, fleas, and spiders. Let’s make things more interesting. Imagine, Only low rates of Icon 10SC are required for active results.

In conclusion, Most pesticides can be used interchangeably in the control of pests. But, Icon takes the lead for Mosquito control. For those who need to control other common pesticides, Promax 20EC is worth it. For Termites, Termidor 96SC is the King.

What is the Active Ingredient of Icon 10CS?

Lambda-cyhalothrin is the active ingredient.

What is its  Mode of Action

It is in the Chemical family Pyrethroid and affects an organism’s nervous system. It disintegrates the gating mechanism of sodium channels that are very vital for nerve impulse generation and conduct.

Just to sum things up, Pyrethroids delay the process of closing the sodium channel activation gates keeping them open for too long. So, what does that mean?

As a result, this results in delayed excitation of an insect’s nerve fibers causing rapid paralysis and death of the insect upon ingestion or external exposure.

Icon 10CS Insecticide, Icon 10CS Long Lasting Mosquito Residual Insecticide onlineAnd what are the BENEFITS OF ICON

  • It has a long term residual effect that lasts up to 12 months
  • A single application is enough for one year and it stays effective even during rainy seasons.
  • Saves you the trouble of measuring as it comes in accurately patented unit dose sachets.
  • Sincerely, Icon has been recommended by the World Health Organization [WHO].
  • It has proven effective and efficient for Malaria control programs.
  • Recommended for household usage as it is odorless and leaves no stains behind.
  • Most importantly, Icon has a long-term residue effect of close to 12 months.

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