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The Best Pesticide for Cockroach Control in Kenya


The Best Pesticide for Cockroach Control in Kenya



Bipronex Cockroach Gel Bait 

This gel bait has a fast knock-down action against cockroaches. It attracts roaches from their hiding spots within a home or office and kills them within 20 minutes after consumption. Not only is this gel bait ideal for use in industrial premises but it’s also the best for exterminating roaches in homes, child cares, schools, and food plants as it does not contain the most common food allergens.

  • 5g at KES 1,900
  • 35g at KES 7,200


The Best Pesticide for Cockroach Control in Kenya.

The Best Pesticide for Cockroach Control in Kenya. Get The Best Pesticide for Cockroach Control in Kenya and say goodbye to cockroaches. We have the right Best Pesticide for Cockroach Control in Kenya. Call us now on 0719405401. The Best Pesticide for Cockroach Control in Nairobi Kenya.

There are a number of chemicals to eradicate Cockroaches. From Cockroach Control Baits (gel) to the Liquid Sprays. Some of these include Goliath Gel, and Bipronex Gel among others. On the other hand, the Liquid Pesticides include Bedlam, Fendona, Actellic, Bestox among others.

If you seek a fast-acting pesticide that will kill cockroaches immediately and deliver continued protection for up to 3 months, then Bedlam 200SL is an excellent option.

It is powerful enough to kill many roaches with a small application rate. In fact, unlike other products, Bedlam 200SL is odor-free, easy to use, and it is the best public health insecticide spray against roaches.

then Now the Next Question is always, Where to get the Product.  Fortunately, Pest Flash has all your Questions Solved. You can always get them in our store shop.

The Question “Where Can I Buy Best Cockroach Pesticides” is solved.

How much do these pesticides cost?

Great! Wonderful Client Below is our Pocket-friendly Price lists for Topmost Effective Pesticides for all your Pest Control Problems.

Bipronex Cockroach Gel Price in Kenya

  • 5g at KES 1800
  • 35g at KES 7000

Bedlam 200SL Price

You can now purchase different quantities of Bedlam 200SL at the most budget-friendly prices depending on the level of infestation being treated.

  • 15ml bottle at Ksh.900
  • 50ml bottle at Ksh.1300 
  • 100ml bottle at Ksh.1900
  • 1ltr bottle at Ksh.6900

Cockroach Goliath Gel

Are you aware that Cockroach Goliath Gel is one of the most effective roach-killing gels on the market? Additionally, It comes as an easy-to-apply gel which may be responsible for its low price. A low dosage is efficient to get rid of all the roaches in your home.

It is efficient in controlling even the largest cockroach species and roaches will begin to die within a few hours of consuming it. It reaches the most hard-to-reach areas, releases no vapor, no fumes, and is odorless. As a result, It’s too favorite for restaurants and homeowners.

Why not try this product and testify on your own? if it helps you fully through, feel free to share the products we help Kenyans stay in a pest-free environment. We are just there for you.

Now, Where Can I Buy Cockroach Goliath Gel? 

Cockroach Goliath Gel Prices

Yes, you will agree with me that Quality goes with Price. Resultingly, Hence Your satisfaction. Purchase the best quality of Cockroach Goliath Gel from Us at a price tailored to meet your budget.

  • 35g tubes at Ksh.10,000.

Actellic 25EC

This is also a wide-range pesticide that is highly effective in the control of cockroach species. Its mode of action is through a powerful contact, ingestion, and fumigation action. Actellic 25EC can be used to exterminate even the most resistant cockroaches. It is fully recommended by WHO and has a strong persistence on inert surfaces.

  • 100ml bottles of Actellic 25EC at Ksh.1800.

Actellic 50EC

  • 1ltr of Actellic 50EC at Ksh.7000.

Fendona 60SC

Fendona is also well known and recognized pesticide for control of most common insects. If you are looking for a broad-spectrum insecticide that is easy to prepare and will continue to protect your home for up to 3 months after application, then Fendona 60SC is an excellent choice. Additionally,  Fendona is odor-free and does not stain or corrode treated surfaces. You will only require a low dosage formulation to achieve a fast insect knock-down effect and highly effective cockroach control results.

Buy Fendona 60SC.

  • 250ml bottle at Ksh.3500
  • 1ltr bottle at Ksh.7000

Green Leaf

If you are tired of chasing roaches around, just get this green leaf powder and watch them drop dead together with their eggs within the shortest time possible. It drives out and exterminates all types of roaches in the most environmentally-friendly and hygienic way. Green Leaf Powder is the most economical pesticide against roaches and it leaves no irritant odors in treated areas. It kills roaches within three days after consumption and continues to protect your home for up to three months.

What about Green Leaf Prices?

Green Leaf prices are dependent on the packaging size.

  • 250g box at Ksh.2500
  • 5g sachets at Ksh.100
  • 6g sachets at Ksh.200

Roachgon Gel

This cockroach killing gel is not only able to kill all cockroach species but also delivers 100% control results within a short time. Its’ no allergy properties make it ideal for indoor usage and application in highly sensitive places. You don’t have to worry about evacuating the house or cleaning utensils as this product is safe for domestic use in homes, restaurants, buses, airplanes, and all other residential and commercial premises.

Purchase genuine and registered Roachgon Gel

  • 100g tubes at Ksh.2,100

Tormentor 0.05%

If your entire plan for controlling cockroaches includes spraying every roach you see with pesticides, you can count on having a pest problem for many years to come. Exterminating a cockroach problem involves killing even the bugs that you can’t see. Tormentor 0.05% is designed to spread throughout the population of a cockroach nest.

So each contaminated roach spreads further and kills more roaches. In fact, Tormentor is great for killing all types and sizes of roaches at a low dosage for value and risk management.

What is the Price of Tormentor

We value you, We care about you. You are our central focus, and we care about your safe living away from disease-spreading pests like roaches hence we have availed tormentor 0.05% to you at a pocket-friendly price.

  • 5g tubes at Ksh.2,200.

Navigator 100SC

Unlike other pesticides that take long to act, Navigator 100SC kills roaches almost as soon as it is consumed. It is highly effective and it not only gives you immediate cockroach extermination results but also leaves all treated places mess-free, odor-free, and unstained.

Navigator 100SC Prices?

Navigator 100SC is readily available at the most economical price that has been customized just for you.

  • 1ltr bottle at Ksh.8300
  • 20ml bottle at Ksh.900

You need the best roach killer in the Kenyan market today to get rid of these super annoying cockroaches in your home and office. Getting rid of roaches can be easy only if you have the right roach products as the ones mentioned above.


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